Researchers of the Department of Physical Chemistry participate in the realization of a large number of national and international projects. Under the Institutional funding program administered by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation, ten program topics are being implemented, whose leaders are department associates. Additionally, department associates are actively involved in the projects of the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia, the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, and the Center for the Promotion of Science. The Department of Physical Chemistry has been collaborating internationally with numerous esteemed researchers and institutions since its founding. This results in the frequent participation of our researchers in multilateral, bilateral, and international projects.

A list of ongoing projects managed by Department associates is given below.

Program topics:

  1. Experimental and theoretical testing of thermo-chemical conversion of waste material in order to obtain a higher yield of bio-gas (synthetic gas); PI dr Bojan Janković
  2. Interaction of laser radiation with materials: basic research and application in nanotechnologies; PI dr Sanja Živković
  3. Chemico-biological approach to the characterization of bioactive compounds- strategies for improving health and the environment, PI dr Branislav Nastasijević
  4. Fundamental and applied aspects of electrocatalysis in energy systems and green technologies; PI dr Snežana Brković
  5. Structure and dynamics of telomeres under conditions of cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway activation and inhibition in peripheral blood lymphocytes; PI dr Jelena Filipović Tričković
  6. Development of laser methods for pollution detection and environmental monitoring; PI dr Miloš Momčilović
  7. Removal of the polluting substances from the environment; PI dr Tanja Brdarić
  8. Development of sustainable integrated processes for the recovery of various valuable compounds using innovative approaches in line with green chemistry principles; PI dr Aleksandra Dimitrijević
  9. Development and implementation of new materials, methods and protocols in the field of prevention, protection and effective response to potential CBRN accidents; PI dr Gvozden Tasić
  10. Optical emission (OE) and mass spectrometry (MS) for the characterization of plasma, clusters, and polymeric materials; PI dr Filip Veljković

Projects of The Innovation Fund of The Republic of Serbia:

  1. Transfer technology program: “Sustainable recovery platform for copper valorization from industrial effluents” (2022-2023); PI dr Aleksandra Dimitrijević
  2. Transfer technology program: “Application of Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles for Skin and Oral Treatment” (2022-2023); PI dr Jelena Filipović Tričković

International and bilateral projects:

  1. International project “Grande Rilevanza” (Italy – Serbia): “Micro LIBS Scan Elemental Mapping: a powerful tool for Cultural Heritage studies” (2019-2023); PI of Serbian side dr Miloš Momčilović
  2. Bilateral scientific collaboration with France: “Development of gold nano-structured biosensor based on localized surface plasmon resonance for detection of protein cancer marker” (2020-2022); PI of Serbian side dr Tatjana Momić
  3. Bilateral scientific collaboration with People’s Republic of China: “Polyoxovanadates as promising anticancer drug candidates: modulation of Na+,K+-ATPase and ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolases (E-NTPDases) activity (POVaCan)” (2021-2023); PI of Serbian side dr Mirjana Čolović
  4. Bilateral scientific collaboration with Hungary: “Performance enhancement of solid sampling laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy using composite metallic nanoparticles” (2021-2023); PI of Serbian side dr Sanja Živković
  5. International project COST Action CA20133 “Cross-border transfer and development of sustainable resource recovery strategies towards zero waste” (2021-2025); PI of Serbian side dr Aleksandra Dimitrijević
  6. Bilateral scientific collaboration with Republic of Belarus: “Synthesis of advanced nanoparticles by plasma techniques for the development of new electrochemical sensors” (2022-2024); PI of Serbian side dr Miloš Momčilović