Sandra Petrović

Principal Research Fellow

Research interest: genotoxicology, radiobiology, cell biology, human genetics, cytogenetics, biomedical chemistry


BSc in Biology (1998), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology, BSc thesis title: “Genetics of sexual behavior and mechanisms of ethological isolation in Drosophila”.

MSc in Biology (2003), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology, MSc thesis title: ”Radiosensitivity of human lymphocytes exposed to low doses of ionizing radiation in vivo”.

PhD in Biology (2011), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology, PhD thesis title: “Influence of an in vivo prooxidant state of lymphocytes on the radiobiological response in vitro in bone marrow failure patients”.


2002 – present, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade

Active projects:

Program topic: Chemico-biological approach to the characterization of bioactive compounds- strategies for improving health and the environment (2020- present); participant.

List of five selected publications:

  1. Leskovac, A., Petrovic, S. (2023) Pesticide Use and Degradation Strategies: Food Safety, Challenges and Perspectives. Foods, 12(14): 2709.
  2. Petrovic S. (2023) Phospholipase D inhibitors for targeted cancer therapy: Potentials and limitations. In: Chakraborti S. (ed) Phospholipases In Physiology And Pathology. Volume 5: Therapeutics of Natural and Synthetic Compounds in Phospholipases-Induced Diseases, Elsevier, Academic Press, , 255-265. ISBN: 9780323956871
  3. Petrovic S., Leskovac A. (2021) Prospective Application of Natural and Synthetic Redox Modulators in Oxidative Stress-Targeted Cancer Therapy. In: Chakraborti S., Ray B.K., Roychowdhury S. (eds) Handbook of Oxidative Stress in Cancer: Mechanistic Aspects. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd., pp. 1-21. ISBN: 978-981-15-4501-6.
  4. Leskovac, A., Petrovic, S., Lazarevic-Pasti, T., Krstic, M. and Vasic, V. (2018) Ruthenium(II)-N-alkyl phenothiazine complexes as potential anticancer agents. Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 23(5), 689-704.
  5. Pagano G, Aiello Talamanca A, Castello G, d’Ischia M, Pallardó FV, Petrović S, Porto B, Tiano L, Zatterale A (2013) From clinical description, to in vitro and animal studies, and backward to patients: Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction in Fanconi anemia. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 58:118-125.