Romana Masnikosa

Principal research fellow

Research interests: lipid biochemistry, cancer lipidomics, glycobiology, metallodrugs.


BSc in Biochemistry (1996), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry, BSc thesis title: “The binding of glycophospholipid-like species to membrane proteins of erythrocytes challenged with insulin”.

MSc in Biochemistry (2000), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry, MSc thesis title: “Binding of insulin-like growth factors to their respective binding proteins”.

PhD in Biochemistry (2007). University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry, PhD thesis title: “Effects of lectins on the activity of insulin receptors and insulin-like growth factor receptors from human placenta”.


1997 – April 2014, Department of Endocrinology and Radioimmunology, Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy, INEP, Zemun, University of Belgrade

April 2014 – present, research fellow at Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča, University of Belgrade

Active projects:

Program topic: Redox medicine, molecular basis of multifactorial diseases and clinical approaches (2020- present); participant.

Bilateral project with Germany. Cooperation between Institute of Physiological Chemistry, University Medical Center of the J.G.U. Mainz and Institute of nuclear sciences VINČA: „Deep glycolipid profiling of brain regions in rat 2VO model of early neurodegeneration“ (2021-2023), participant.

List of five selected publications:

  1. R Masnikosa, D Pirić, JM Post, Z Cvetković, S Petrović, M Paunović, V Vučić, L Bindila. Disturbed plasma lipidomic profiles in females with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: a pilot study. Cancers (2023) 15(14): 3653.
  2. R Masnikosa, MM Milutinović, I Crnolatac, A Tot, S Veličković, Ž Bojić-Trbojević, A Rilak-Simović, Anti-adhesive action of novel ruthenium(II) chlorophenyl terpyridine complexes with a high affinity for double-stranded DNA: in vitro and in silico. J Inorg Biochem (2020) 208: 111090.
  3. A Rilak-Simović, R Masnikosa, I Bratsos, E Alessio, Chemistry and reactivity of ruthenium(II) complexes: DNA/protein binding mode and anticancer activity are related to the complex structure. Coord Chem Rev (2019) 398: 13696-13712.
  4. D Robajac, M Nemčovič, M Križáková, L Belicka Kluková, P Baráth, J Katrlík, R Masnikosa, O Nedić, Glycoanalysis of the placental membrane glycoproteins throughout placental development. Mech Ageing Dev (2019) 183: 111151.
  5. M Nišavić, M Stoiljković, I Crnolatac, M Milošević, A Rilak, R Masnikosa, Highly water-soluble Ru (II) terpyridine coordination compounds form stable adducts with blood-borne metal transporting proteins. Arab J Chem (2018), 11, 291-304.