Mina Seović

Research Associate

Research interest: green hydrogen, renewable energy sources, electrolysis, hydrogen economy, ecomanagement, environment


BSc in Biology (2001), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology, BSc thesis title: “Ageing”

PhD in Engineering Management (2023).  Singidunum University, title of doctoral dissertation: “Energy and economic aspects of electrolytic hydrogen production – improvement of the production process in order to reduce production costs and environmental protection.”


2003-2007   Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering

2008-2011   School Teacher

2012  Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča, volunteering work period

2013- 2016  School Teacher

2016- present, Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča

Active projects:

Program topic: Fundamental and applied aspects of electrocatalysis in energy systems and green technologies (2021- present); participant.

Development and implementation of new materials, methods and protocols in the field of prevention, protection and effective response to potential CBRN accidents (2021- present); participant.

List of selected publications:

  • Mitrović, Stefan, Snežana Brković, Sanja Živković, Nikola Zdolšek, Mina Seović, Jelena Georgijević, and Ivana Perović. 2023. “From E-Waste to Hydrogen Evolution: Harnessing Recycled Precious Metals for Catalytic Efficiency in Hydrogen Evolution Reactions” Materials 16, no. 20: 6795. https://doi.org/10.3390/ma16206795
  • Perović, Ivana, Milica Marčeta Kaninski, Gvozden Tasić, Sladjana Maslovara, Petar Laušević, Mina Seović, and Vladimir Nikolić. 2023. “Enhanced Catalytic Activity and Energy Savings with Ni-Zn-Mo Ionic Activators for Hydrogen Evolution in Alkaline Electrolysis” Materials 16, no. 15: 5268. https://doi.org/10.3390/ma16155268
  • On the Green Path of Innovation — Hydrogen from Laser-Assisted Alkaline Electrolysis / Mina Seović, Dubravka Milovanović, Gvozden Tasić, Nikola Zdolšek, Stefan Mitrović, Snežana Brković, Ivana Perović // Ecologica. – Vol. 29, No. 107 (2022), p. 359–363. (ISSN 0354-3285)
  • Milica P. Marčeta Kaninski, Mina M. Seović, Snežana M. Miulović, Dragana L. Žugić, Gvozden S. Tasić, Đorđe P. Šaponjić, Cobalt-chrome activation of the nickel electrodes for the HER in alkaline water electrolysis – Part II,International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 38, Issue 4, 2013, Pages 1758-1764, ISSN 0360-3199, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2012.11.117.
  • Snezana M. Miulovic, Sladjana Lj. Maslovara, Mina M. Seovic, Bojan B. Radak, Milica P. Marceta Kaninski, Energy saving in electrolytic hydrogen production using Co–Cr activation – Part I, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 37, Issue 22, 2012, Pages 16770-16775, ISSN 0360-3199, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2012.08.075.