Marija Simić

Research Assistant

Research interest: environmental chemistry, organic pollutants, electrochemistry, electrochemical advanced processes, analytical chemistry


МSc in Chemistry (2018), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry, MSc thesis title: „Аssessment of the authenticity of honey in terms of production based on the ratio of stable carbon isotopes“

Doctoral academic studies in Chemistry (2019 – present), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry


2018 – 2019, chemistry teacher, primary school „Živomir Savković“

2020 – 2022, chemistry teacher, high school „Sveti Sava“

2021 – present, Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča

Active projects:

National project for the promotion and popularization of science on the territory of the Republic of Serbia “To drink or not to drink?” CEN-587 (2022 – present); participant

Removal of polluting substances from the environment 0502408 (2024 – present); participant

List of five selected publications:

  1. M. Ječmenica Dučić, D. Aćimović, B. Savić, L. Rakočević, M. Simić, T. Brdarić, D. Vasić Anićijević, Is It Possible to Restrain OER on Simple Carbon, Electrode to Efficiently Electrooxidize Organic Pollutants?, Molecues (2022) 5203–5221,
  2. Marija D. Simić, Branislava G. Savić, Miloš R. Ognjanović, Dalibor M. Stanković, Dubravka J. Relić , Danka D. Aćimović, Tanja P. Brdarić, Degradation of bisphenol A on SnO2-MWCNT electrode using electrochemical oxidation, Journal of Water Process Engineering 51 (2023) 103416,