Jovan Ciganović

Research Associate

Research interest: Laser ablation, Laser surface modification, Laser synthesis of nanoparticles, Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)


BSc in (2010), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, BSc thesis title: “Modification of titanium surface by pulsed CO2 laser radiation”.

PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computing (2020), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, PhD thesis title: “Effect of a pulsed laser on a titanium target: surface effects”.


20010 – present, Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča

Active projects:

Program topic: Development of laser methods for pollution detection and environmental monitoring (2021- present); participant.

Program topic: Interaction of laser radiation with materials: basic research and application in nanotechnologies (2021- present); participant.

Bilateral project with Hungary. Cooperation between Department for analytical and inorganic chemistry of University of Szeged and Institute of nuclear sciences VINČA: „Performance enhancement of solid sampling laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy using composite metallic nanoparticles“ (2021-2023), participant.

Bilateral project with Belorussia. Cooperation between Institute of Physics “B.I. Stepanov”, NAN Belarus, Minsk, Belorussia, and Institute of nuclear sciences VINČA, Belgrade, Serbia. Title fo project: “Synthesis of advanced nanoparticles by plasma techniques for the development of new electrochemical sensors””(2022-2024), participant.

List of five selected publications:

  1. M. Momčilović, S. Živković, J. Petrović, I. Cvijović-Alagić, J. Ciganović, An original LIBS system based on TEA CO2 laser as a tool for determination of glass surface hardness, Appl Phys B-Lasers. 80 (2019) 222,
  2. M. Trtica, J. Stasic, J. Limpouch, P. Gavrilov, X. Chen, J. Ciganovic, Surface behavior of 16Cr3Al ODS steel—Effects of high laser intensity 1014 W/cm2 in ambiences of air, helium and vacuum, Fusion Eng Des.150(2020) 111360,
  3. J. Ciganovic, J. Stasic, B. Gakovic, M. Momcilovic, D. Milovanovic, M. Bokorov, M. Trtica, Surface Modification of the Titanium Implant Using TEA CO2 Laser Pulses in Controllable Gas atmospheres, Appl Surf Sci. 258 (2012) 2741-2748,
  4. J. Ciganovic, S. Zivkovic, M. Momcilovic, J. Savovic, M. Kuzmanovic, M. Stoiljkovic, M. Trtica, Laser-induced features at titanium implant surface in vacuum ambience, Opt Quant Electron. 48 2 (2016) 133 (8pp).
  5. J. Ciganovic, P. Matavulj, M. Trtica, J. Stasic, J. Savovic, S. Zivkovic, M. Momcilovic, Pulsed TEA CO2 laser irradiation of titanium in nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases, Russ J Physl Chem A+. 91 13 (2017) 2696-2701.