David Pirić

Research Trainee

Research interest: Biophysical chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Lipidomics, Statistics, Machine learning.


BSc in Physical Chemistry (2020), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, BSc thesis title: “Determination of antioxidant capacity of Satureja montana”.

MSc in Physical Chemistry (2021). University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, MSc thesis title: “Examination of the redox characteristics of Satureia montana extract integrated into liposomes”.


2022 – present, Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča

Active projects:

Program topic: Redox medicine, molecular basis of multifactorial diseases and clinical approaches (2022- today); participant.

List of five selected publications:

1. Masnikosa, R.; Pirić, D.; Post, J. M.; Cvetković, Z.; Petrović, S.; Paunović, M.; Vučić, V.; Bindila, L. Disturbed Plasma Lipidomic Profiles in Females with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: A Pilot Study. Cancers 2023, 15 (14). https://doi.org/10.3390/cancers15143653

2. Kolesnikova, I. A.; Lalkovičova, M.; Severyukhin, Yu. S.; Golikova, K. N.; Utina, D. M.; Pronskikh, E. V.; Despotović, S. Z.; Gaevsky, V. N.; Pirić, D.; Masnikosa, R.; Budennaya, N. N. The Effects of Whole Body Gamma Irradiation on Mice, Age-Related Behavioral, and Pathophysiological Changes. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology 2023, 43 (7), 3723–3741. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10571-023-01381-1

3. Pirić, D.; Masnikosa, R.; Assessment of different machine learning tools employed in lipidomics; 2nd International Conference on Chemo and Bioinformatics, Kragujevac, 2023, 330-333. https://doi.ub.kg.ac.rs/doi/zbornici/10-46793-iccbi23-330p/