Bojan Janković

Principal Research Fellow

Researchinterest:thermochemical conversion of biomass, thermal analysis, solid state kinetics, thermodynamics, materials characterization


BSc in Physical Chemistry (2000), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, BSc thesis title: ” Statistical and thermodynamic analysis of an ideal crystal”.

МSc in Physical Chemistry (2005), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, MSc thesis title: “Data processing of thermogravimetric analysis using the Weibull distribution function”.

PhD in Physical Chemistry (2012), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, PhD thesis title: “Application of Weibull statistics to determine the distribution of apparent activation energy of thermally activated heterogeneous processes”.


2000 – 2018. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physical Chemistry

2018 – present, Department of Physical Chemistry, Vinča Institute of NuclearSciences, National Institute of the Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade

Active projects:

Program topic: Experimental and theoretical testing of thermo-chemical conversion of waste material in order to obtain a higher yield of bio-gas (synthetic gas) (2021- present); project leader.

Program topic: Optical emission (OE) and mass spectrometry (MS) for the characterization of plasma, clusters and polymeric materials (2022-present); participant.

Bilateral project with Republic of China: “Advanced combustion and pollution control technologies in the utilization of biomass and solid recovered fuels” (2021-2023), participant.

List of five selected publications:

  1. Bojan Janković, Nebojša Manić, Vladimir Dodevski, Ivana Radović, Milena Pijović, Đurica Katnić, Gvozden Tasić, Physico-chemical characterization of carbonized apricot kernel shell as precursor for activated carbon preparation in clean technology utilization, Journal of Cleaner Production 236 (2019) 117614.
  2. Bojan Janković, Nebojša Manić, Vladimir Dodevski, Jasmina Popović, Jelena Rusmirović, Miloš Tošić, Characterization analysis of Poplar fluff pyrolysis products. Multi-component kinetic study, Fuel 238 (2019) 111-128.
  3. BojanJanković, Nebojša Manić, Dragoslava Stojiljković, Vladimir Jovanović, TSA-MS characterization and kinetic study of the pyrolysis process of various types of biomass based on the Gaussian multi-peak fitting and peak-to-peak approaches, Fuel 234 (2018) 447-463.
  4. Miloš Marinković, Hadi Waisi, Stevan Blagojević, Aleksandra Zarubica, Radomir Ljupković, Aleksandra Krstić, BojanJanković, The effect of process parameters and catalyst support preparation methods on the catalytic efficiency in transesterification of sunflower oil over heterogeneous KI/Al2O3-based catalysts for biodiesel production. Fuel 315 (2022) 123246.
  5. Bojan Ž. Janković, Nebojša G. Manić, Vladimir M. Dodevski, Miloš B. Radojević, Dragoslava D. Stojiljković, Kinetic study of oxy-combustion (Platanus orientalis) seeds (PTS) in O2/Ar atmosphere, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 142 (2020) 953-976