Ana Vujačić Nikezić

Research Associate

Research interest: colloidal chemistry, kinetics and mechanism of chemical reactions, synthesis of nanoparticles, surface modification of nanoparticles, mechanochemical synthesis of clay-based materials, development of drug delivery systems.


BSc in Chemistry (2005), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry, BSc thesis title: “Theoretical aspects of Au(III) complex chemistry and their application. Interaction [AuCl4]– bilirubin”.

MSc (magister degree) in Chemistry (2009), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry, MSc thesis title: “Reactions of the complex ion [AuCl4] with L-methionine and analogous biomolecules: mechanism of substitution and reduction ”

PhD in Chemistry (2013), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry, PhD thesis title: “Kinetics and mechanism of sodium (Z)-3-(5-chloro-2-((5-chloro-3-(3-sulfonatopropyl)benzothiazol-2(3H)-ylidene)methyl)benzothiazol-3-ium-3-yl)propane-1-sulfonate adsorption on gold nanoparticle colloids of different properties and size”.


2006 -present, Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča

Active projects:

Program topic: “Chemico-biological approach to the characterization of bioactive compounds-strategies for improving health and the environment” (2020- present); participant.

List of five selected publications:

  1. Ana Vujačić Nikezić, Jasmina Grbović Novaković. Nano/Microcarriers in Drug Delivery: Moving the Timeline to Contemporary, Current Medicinal Chemistry, (2022), PMID: 36017848,
  1. Ana V. Vujačić Nikezić, Aleksandra M. Bondžić, Vesna M.Vasić, Drug delivery systems based on nanoparticles and related nanostructures, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 151 (2020) 105412,
  1. Ana V. Vujačić Nikezić, Goran V. Janjić, Aleksandra M. Bondžić, Boņidarka L. Zarić, Dragana D. Vasić-Anićijević, Tatjana G. Momić and Vesna M. Vasić, Interaction of Au(iii) and Pt(ii) complexes with Na/K-ATPase: experimental and theoretical study of reaction stoichiometry and binding sites, Metallomics 10 (2018) 1003-1015,
  1. Ana Vujačić, Vesna M. Vasić, Miroslav D. Dramićanin, Sofija P. Sovilj, Nataša Bibić, Slobodan Milonjić, Vesna V. Vodnik, Fluorescence Quenching of 5,5’-Disulfopropyl-3,3’- Dichlorothiacyanine Dye Adsorbed on Gold Nanoparticles, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117 (2013) 6567-6577,
  1. Ana Vujačić, Vesna Vasić, Miroslav Dramićanin, Sofija P. Sovilj, Natańa Bibić, Jasmina Hranisavljević, Gary P. Wiederrecht, Kinetics of J-aggregate Formation on the Surface of Au Nanoparticle Colloids, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116 (7), (2012) 4655–4661,